Planning a staycation later on this year, or fancy getting something new for the kids to play with in the garden? A brand new family tent will offer all the excitement you need for your next camping trip, regardless of whether that's in your back garden or over at a dedicated campsite.

We know how hard finding a good family tent can be, there's so many out there and it can often be overwhelming finding the one best suited for you, especially when it comes to fitting in the whole family. There are a number of factors you should take into consideration when shopping for a new family tent, have a read of our guide below so you know what to look out for!

Best Family Tent: Features to Look Out For

Tent Size

Family tents can vary in size starting from a 3 man tent therefore finding the perfect size is dependant on the size of your family. Family tents often have multiple bedrooms which is something to look out for as it allows for privacy between rooms perfect for parents and children.

Tent Type

Family tents typically need more space than your average pop-up tent, that means you'll most likely find yourself shopping for certain shapes, such as a tunnel tent or a dome tent in order to comfortably fit all of your sleeping bags in.

Hydrostatic Head

Hydrostatic Head refers to how waterproof your tent is, all tents are required to be a minimum of 1000 but the higher the more waterproof your tent will be, if your camping in the Ireland a higher number can definitely be a benefit with our rainy climate.

Tent Poles

Most tents come with fibre glass poles unless you buy a more expensive tent you can often get steel poles. Fibre glass poles do the job and are very lightweight which is good for traveling, just be aware that because of this they can snap so try not to apply to much pressure.